IT Services

Through our parent company KLB systems. we offer hospitality businesses robust IT solutions utilising industry leading technology.

Managed Services

Hiring a full time IT department is expensive.

We can help with fully managed services where we ensure anti-virus protection, mail filtering, system patch updates and much more are done in a timely fashion to minimise interruption to your business.

With backgrounds in hospitality we understand that standard maintenance times do not apply to your business and we adapt our managed services to suit your business and venue running times.

All our managed services come with 24/7 helpdesk so we have help available for you, when you are working.

IT Department in a Box

Save time and money with an IT Department in a Box solution from APAC Hospitality.

This solution offers your business up to date IT infrastructure, including Office 365, cloud printing, managed services, internet, voice over IP services and much more for one easy to manage monthly payment

No more needing to pay multiple vendors.
We take care of that for you.

Network Infrastructure

We can supply you with a fully managed network with industry leading security levels, plug and play capabilities when expansion is needed and much more.

From a simple one venue configuration, to a head office and multiple venue setup we are able to assist you with getting the easiest, most cost effective solution available.

Ask us about how to get a free wireless access point for your network – conditions apply.

IT Systems Audits

Our checks aren’t as simple as yes or no, but the reports we present to you are very simple to understand.

When you receive the report, it is up to you how you want to rectify any issues found.

You can either use it to ensure your current IT provider is doing their job. Or to help your internal IT staff focus on what is important to get your IT systems up to date and secure.

Of course we would love for you to use our services to rectify any issues found and provide you with our ongoing managed services to stay on top of them.

Intelligent Camera Systems

With no NVR required, our intelligent camera systems are available anywhere, anytime. Travelling overseas and want to check on your venue?

You can access your cameras without intensive network requirements or 3rd party applications. Simply login to your cloud based account and start viewing.

All cameras come with advanced analytics that allow tracking of objects including people, motion heat maps and search using natural language instead of finicky sliders, plus many more options.

For extra security, select cameras’ footage can be stored securely in the cloud to safeguard against camera theft.

Business Grade Broadband

Sick of the big companies treating you like a number?
We were, so we did something about it ..

We partnered with a Perth owned, managed and staffed company that delivers various business grade broadband solutions to businesses throughout Western Australia.

With connections starting at 50mbps and unlimited data, we know and trust that they can deliver to our customers business grade connections from simple Internet through to multi-venue virtual private networks.

Voice over IP Services

We provide through our VoIP partner voice services to replace your existing phone lines.

We don’t overload your VoIP service with things you don’t need. It is kept simple so the quality is at its best.

We use the service within our offices so if you would like to experience it for yourself, call us!

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